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Post training with Eilat Almagor – “Working with Children with Special Needs”



 “Working with Children with Special Needs”

November 3-4-5 2017

Post training with children with special needs on the subject of:

Efficient Approximations. In the last two advanced children seminars, we explored how to work with a child in possible , comfortable postures in which he can feel and do an action which relates to a specific function. Mainly we addressed basic functions like balance, using the support of a floor for pushing in order to advance or in order to balance, falling etc. We could see the important role of Approximations tailored creatively for each child and at each moment.In the present seminar we will learn how to make the approximation really relevant for the child. what are the means to ensure that also the child himself feels it as an approximation of the addressed function.

Organization of the seminar: Schedule:

• Each day will start with an ATM for practitioners and parents
• Then, an FI demonstration with one of the children, followed by a discussion and then practice of the practitioners among themselves of a specific idea taken from the demonstration
• In the afternoon, the children will arrive and each child will receive and FI from a practitioner. (A group of 3 practitioners will be assigned to each child, for the three days. Each day one practitioner of the group will give an FI to the child and the 2 others will observe). The practitioners will adapt the idea which has been practiced in the morning, to the specific abilities of their child. The trainers will support and supervise the practitioners.
• A summary discussion.

The Post Training will take place at the Centro Scientifico del Movimento
Participation fee €250+VAT ( tot 305 euro)
Schedule: 10:00AM–1:00PM / lunch break / 2:30PM–4:30PM

Stay at the Center where the training will take place is  €25 per night per person. In each apartment there are two beds and a bathroom on the ground floor and a single bed in the loft (or two beds in the loft and 1 bed on the ground floor). We don’t have single rooms and all the rooms are connected to each other.
All the apartments will be available from the evening of November 2, 2017.
The training will be held in English, with a consecutive translation in Italian.
All the attendees can pay the whole amount (305 Euro) via bank transfer by October 10, 2017 or make a down payment of 100 Euro by October 10, 2017 and pay the rest  (205 Euro) by November 3, 2017.

Bank details:Account number: 1933

Account holder: SIMONE BROCCOLI


IBAN – IT 15 V061 2068 060C C009 0001 933

BIC ( Swift Code )  –  CECRIT2C

The participants who come by car are required to bring their tables.

for information:

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Post training with Eilat Almagor - "Working with Children with Special Needs"