Working with Children with Special Needs (POST-TRAINING with EILAT ALMAGOR)

Working with Children with Special Needs

Working with children with special needs – November 4-5-6, 2016

“How to feel and find what the child can do and start from there.

Many times it is evident what a child cannot do, but the way to bring about improvement is to single out what the child is able to do, feel and use such ability to learn and improve. In the Post Training we will work with children and practice on how to discover the child’s abilities and how to use them in the child’s learning process for the next step.”

In the present 3rd post training, we will focus on eye and head movements and their role in the initiation of an action and as an important cue for communication with the child in the FI.


  • Each day will start with an ATM for practitioners and parent
  • Then, an FI demonstration with one of the children, followed by a discussion and then practice of the practitioners among themselves of a specific idea taken from the demonstration
  • In the afternoon, the children will arrive and each child will receive and FI from a practitioner. ( A group of 3 practitioners will be assigned to each child, for the three days. Each day one practitioner of the group will give an FI to the child and the 2 others will observe.) The practitioners will adapt the idea which has been practiced in the morning, to the specific abilities of their child. The trainers will support and supervise the practitioners..

A summery discussion


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