POST-TRAINING with EILAT ALMAGOR, “Working with Children with Special Needs”, October 31, November 1- 2 2015, Children with special needs, a more refined differentiation



“Working with Children with Special Needs”
October 31, November 1- 2 2015

Children with special needs, a more refined differentiation.
Last years the post-training on working with children had the title of “How to feel and find what the child can do and start from there.”
The explanation to that title was: “Many times it is evident what a child cannot do, but the way to bring about improvement is to single out what the child is able to do, feel and use such ability to learn and improve. In the post-training we will work with children and practice on how to discover the child’s abilities and how to use them in the child’s learning process for the next step.”
This is obviously true and will be addressed in our present post-training, but this time we will learn more specifically how to detect small hints of the beginning of functions like rolling, crawling, talking, balancing, when they are still far from being perfect or useful and how to facilitate their emergence and consolidation to become useful real functions.
The participants who come by car are required to bring their tables.

The Post Training will take place at the Centro Scientifico del Movimento

Schedule: 10:00AM–1:00PM / lunch break / 2:30PM–4:30PM

The training will be held in English, with a consecutive translation in Italian.
for information:

Centro Scientifico del Movimento
via Castello, 11 – 47030, Strigara di Sogliano al Rubicone (FC)
Telefono 0541-948035 –
Pagina Facebook e Twitter: Feldenkrais


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