activity of the Scientific Center of the Movement – Simone Broccoli

attività Centro Feldenkrais CSM

Hello dear friends, students and acquaintances of the Scientific Center of the Movement – Feldenkrais Method.

I wanted to thank all of those who have proven to be loving and close to me after the death of my aunt Tina: it has been a hard time and a grave loss.

Nevertheless I wanted to say that the center continues its activities: individual lessons, group lessons and educational training for the qualification of teacher of the Feldenkrais Method.

I only ask you to be patient if I do not respond immediately to your phone calls and requests: I am very busy during the day, but as soon as I find a minute I will answer you with pleasure.

I take this opportunity, with this beautiful picture of the snowdrops, a symbol of rebirth after the cold winter, to wish you a wonderful new year with optimism and physical and mental wellness!

Simone Broccoli

For individual sessions (IF – Functional Integration) and group lessons (ATM Awareness Through the Movement) or other information, please call me at the mobile phone 333 4421233 or at the fix line 0541 948 035 or send an e-mail


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