Thank you for everything… Marco

There are some people who leave their mark in our lives. Chance encounters that occur because of circumstances, sometimes nice, sometimes less nice. This is how we met, Tina, accidentally on a sensitive and loving person’s advice.

You had been the umpteenth attempt to find someone who could really give importance to the word “hope” for our Jenny. You were a reward for us: Samuela, her family, and I, who never gave up.

In these years I saw you do amazing things following the Feldenkrais Method and the logic behind this method. You, who lived giving whatever you could in order to let this Method flourish and be known.

Your life was the proof of what one can do when one really believes in something. You traced a very clear path, in terms of which direction to take and what mentality to apply. And looking at all the people who came here today to bid you farewell, I really must say that you did leave a mark, a very deep one indeed.

On my behalf, witness of your skills, of your strength, and your great humanity, I can only say, “Thank you!” A thanks which isn’t really quite enough compared to all of what you have left us…I know. But I will try to help the Feldenkrais Method to get more and more known by telling everyone about it and about the amazing woman who introduced me, my wife Samuela, and Jenny, to it.

Thank you again, Tina. Thank you for everything.



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