Letter to the Mayor of Sogliano (The students of 2012-15 Training)

Strigara, November 2nd, 2014

To the kind attention of


Dear Mayor,

we regret that we are writing You in this sad circumstance, we should have done it at those times when we – students of the Tina Broccoli’s Scientific Movement Center – began to think that Strigara is one of the most delightful places on this planet with its warm welcome and its view. But above all in Strigara there are Tina and Simone Broccoli, who are an important point of reference for us all, for our Feldenkrais Training. Tina Broccoli brought Eilat Almagor, great student of Moshe Feldenkrais, who ensured that Strigara became one of the gratest centers for the propagation of the method at world level, with her staff of trainers coming from various countries of the world: Israel, USA, Germany and also Italy. And we – students of different nationalities – are also evidence of this. In the current training there are students from France, Germany, China, Croatia, Sweden, Great Britain, USA, Russia, Switzerland, Israel, Poland, South Africa, Brazil. All this happens in a delightful corner of Romagna, where we study the method but we also become citizens of the world.

Tina has been a Master for us, a teacher with a high-profile expertise for sure, but also a woman of striking humanity. There are many witnesses of the success in her work, through which she solved many difficult cases.

We are writing all this to You, as we think that the people of Sogliano al Rubicone should feel proud to have had her as fellow townswoman and that Tina Broccoli has earned and deserves the exequies of a great person.

The students of  2012-15 Training

Anissa, Amleto, Ana Elisa, Bianca, Camilla, Chiara, Chrystel, Claudia, Emanuela, Manuele, Enyu, Franca, Gregory, Helena, Josipa, Leonardo, Lisa, Liyu, Luigi, Marina, Michela, Michele, Monica, Nadia, Nicolò, Nina, Sabina, Sabrina, Samuela, Susan, Viviana.

and those many other students who continue to come back to Strigara, even after getting their diploma, to carry on their specialization.


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