Hi Tina! Your students…

Hi Tina!

You left us on our own and incredulous on a shiny morning. You departed with the lightness of an angel while the sun began its morning journey and the shadow of the grief settled over in our hearts.

On your bed, next to you, there was a book dedicated to a Romagnole woman, maybe you were reading it just a few moments before leaving: now, it would be nice to write a book about you since you, too, are a great woman of this land.

It is difficult to say which Tina we will miss the most: the meticulous and attentive Feldenkrais teacher, or the woman full of enthusiasm, the barrel of laughs who filled each day of our Feldenkrais formation in Strigara.

No one will ever be able to forget your morning and evening call to your cats, your beloved cats, nor will anyone forget your anatomy lessons. But above of all, what will live on within us is your wish of wanting us to learn and the generosity of your demostrations illustrated to us in roder to make us feel more confident, more aware.

The humanity you nurtured within yourself made you a great woman, yet always humble, and many people benefited from your knowledge and your being there. For this reason, and many more, we want to thank you and we thank God whose will was for us to meet.

Many students of Strigara are here today and many others would have wanted to be here to bid you a warm farewell, Tina, who loved us as if we were your own children.

We hope that our love may reach you like the sunbeams’ warmth caresses the earth in thawing.

Your students.


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