…a memory of Tina from Eilat Almagor

… un ricordo di Tina da parte di Eila Almagor

… un ricordo di Tina da parte di Eila Almagor

When I remember Tina it is with laughter, sometimes with a vital discussion, mainly when she felt she does not have enough cooperation constructing something new with her nonconventional visions.  Memories of Tina never came to me with sadness.  So today it is a shock – So sad.  She could have realized so many more of her visions, that nobody else thought possible. Tina was a non conformist yet so deeply rooted in her culture – in your culture, the culture of Sogliano, the culture of Emilia Romagna. She insisted that the people she loved most, her family and her community will learn to support her, while she was leading her.

Dear Simone, you followed her guidance to the Feldenkrais world with so much love and faithfulness and then you became her right hand and her safety. Safety that all she built will have a future, a future for the world. The strength of Tina with Simone with the background culture of Sogliano and the innovative ideas of Feldenkrais brought us all here – Students and teachers. We all got hooked with her dream. Tina made us all know where it all came from by bringing the women of Sogliano to make with us Piadina, by picking up with us topinambour and cook them in San Giovanni.   By creating for us the place with the beautiful y high level constructed Palestra and apartments.

I did not know what a palestra means; it sounded to me like a palace. Tina built this beautiful modest palace, stone by stone, log by log with professional people carrying the culture of building from Sogliano. With stones from the Rubicone. (Or one of the Rubiconies).

You built a palace which is friendly to the environment, to all the people who stays around it in the colored apartments or sit in the gazebo or learn in it or sleep in it. A palace that is a flag for humanity, as at each room and each corner people live and they all, Italian, Swedish, Israelis, Germans, Polish, Slovakian, Norwegian, British, Russian, Croatian, come out at ten o’clock to learn and join your dream. To eat and join your dream, to dance, to laugh, to help children to walk and smile. It is also a palace for the cats and turkeys, who start their parade at ten o’clock, surrounding the palestra and tumbling down the valley. I will always remember the strength I got every morning, just before teaching, watching that pastorally turkey parade, from the royal red chair of Strigara.

This strength will guide us all when we will continue to fulfill this amazing project of Tina.

It is too soon for me to say good bye to Tina. The sadness is so big.



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