… a memory of Tina from Anat Krivine

... a memory of Tina from Anat Krivine

(The picture, from the diploma ceremony on the last day of the segment, November 1 2014. Thanks to Annika)


What a colorful woman. Not only how she dressed up herself and thought of design details of the different apartments in a colorful way, but having such a colorful personality.

Since I had very little direct verbal communication with her, not having a mutual language, I can describe her as I saw, sensed and felt her in a funny non verbal communication.

you could certainly know if Tina was angry or loving, suspicious or supportive even when she talked in a language that I could not understand. I loved watching her talk. I could see the enthusiasm and passion of her words, the humor and her special way of seeing things.

Tina had so many different shades of colors to her colorful personality, that everybody had his own Tina; so personal and special, that it is so hard to say good bye and give her up.

Tina was a dreamer. She had a huge dream to turn this little piece of heaven in Strigara, with the hen house, fig trees, and the beautiful mountains to a Feldenkrais center.

A place where the little promenade will be filled with young and older people from all over the world, that will sit and rest, eat figs, think, cry and laugh together. And when the bell rings they will go in to this beautiful palestra, to learn and move, learning about themselves and others.

And she succeeded! she didn’t just dream. She was also a great creator and unbelievable achiever. Together with her wonderful Simone, they turned this huge dream to an amazing reality.

She left us as a winner! This center that she created has already trained 3 wonderful groups of people to become good practitioners and to go out to the world and spread the wonderful work of Feldenkrais!

Dear students of Strigara 3.

This last segment that we had together was good, important and meaningful. Although for some of you it wasn’t an easy period, Tina and I also felt that it was very strong and that you learned a lot and grew-up.

Tina expressed her feeling about it in her determination, joy and pride, to have the ATM teaching diploma ceremony for the last students that didn’t get it yet. We had it on Saturday, the last day of her life.

What a beautiful finale it was how we stood there the three of us, Simone serious and smiling, and Tina and me giggling with laughter and happiness with the candidates and the cheering group.

And with this feeling of fulfillment Tina chose to leave. When all her chicks are around her.

and you were there for her, to give back to her the important feeling of love and support, each one of you in his own way, each one of you with his own Tina.

You are really a wonderful group, supporting her, Simone, and each other.

To know that we all, Simone, Eilat, me and the rest of the teachers, all of us, but especially you, we are all part of her dream, part of the realization of this dream… this fills me with pride and eases a little the loss of my Tina. It also gives me the power and will to continue and carry on her dream.

Big hug to you all



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